When I was a boy I can remember my dad pointing out the construction workers on the side of the road when we were driving.  He did this several different times and said, “see those men over there digging that ditch.  That will be you one day if you do not get your four year college degree.”  Well I did not get a four year degree… I did not even get a two year degree, and by God’s grace I have not had to physically dig ditches for a living.

I had long since forgotten those words until one day when I was studying the Bible and read II Kings chapter 3.  It was in this story in the Bible where I learned that God wanted to provide and bless the men detailed in this story, but they needed to put their faith in action and be obedient.  You know what they were asked to do?  Dig Ditches.  That’s it.

That is all I am trying to do now…  Digging ditches in everything that I do.  I liken the ditch digging to doing the right things at the right time.  Not worrying about the results because God can worry about that.  All I need to do is be obedient in the moment.

I have a 19 year sales and fundraising career.  I am also married to my beautiful wife of 19 years and God has blessed us with four amazing children.  Most importantly, I am a child of the King who is the Creator of the universe!  That is where I find my identity!

I hope that my thoughts and ramblings are an inspiration to you.