Repentance = Sweetness

I heard it said recently by the Benham Brothers that their ordeal has put them in a unique spot to share God’s truths, but this would not be the case if they were not repentant in their own lives.

I think this is so important to understand. We are so quick to point out the problems in our neighbors lives that we totally miss the point. It is repentance in our own lives that leads to a relationship with God that allows us to see our lives and our neighbor’s lives through God’s eyes.

Repentance creates a level of humility that only comes from God. It is when we have this humility in our lives, we can speak boldly about God’s truths.

I think the tendency in our culture and our Christian culture especially is to skip this part and move right to talking about God’s truths. It is because we are not being real in our lives that our message comes across as false, harsh, or just plain judgmental.

This fascinates me because you know when someone is being fake with you or if they are being sincere. God calls us to put on the dressings of Christ and live a life that allows us to reflect His Glory and share His Love with all those we come in contact with. We can not simply do this because we decide to one day. This is something that is cultivated over
time and through a personal relationship with Christ. And through a repentant heart that allows us to see others the way Christ does.

Repentance requires you to lean into the pain of the issues/problems you might be facing, but let me tell you from my own personal experiences. It is incredibly freeing and life giving to walk through those painful steps.

While very hard, the sweetness on the back end of repentance and forgiveness is sweeter than anything you have every tasted in your life.

It propels… or compels you to share Christs love and forgiveness with all you come across.

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